Test Driver Service

Our trained test drivers have experience in the aforementioned topics, especially in system validation on the proving ground or on public roads. Because of the wide range of trainings provided for our employees, we are always able to meet individual needs and requirements of customers that come from the legal department or arise from European standards.

Trainings we deliver internally:

  • Driver Trainings (OEM accredited, e.g. BMW, Mercedes)
  • High Voltage trainings
  • Software trainings (e.g. SMS, INCA, Diagra)

Using a Software SMS (SmartMobileSolution) we can make life easier not only for calibration engineers, but test drivers too, in order to save time in the development phase and provide strong support for the frontloading approach.

The biggest challenge, not only for engineers, but test drivers as well, is the endurance run and data collection from all over the world. We organize every little step, including accommodation, vehicle transport and shift/team changes. The procedure enables us to test the performance of the SW, to crosscheck whether it meets the requirements.

Our goal is to provide expert solutions to customers, covering all aspects of vehicle testing.

Test Driver Service

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Bence M. Kiss

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